With this update on its already comprehensive industrial radial tires portfolio, the Turkish manufacturer aims to expand its contribution to the cost-effectiveness of multi-function utility vehicle operators and contractors.

The new tire is purposefully created for improving productivity and efficiency of a broad range of applications such as loading, channel excavation, breaking operations or construction work. “The key feature of a tire on a compact industrial vehicle is responding to the versatility of the operations that the operators have to handle.” says Oguz Ay, International Sales and Marketing Director at Petlas, “and the tire has to overcome numerous obstacles that vary depending on the site conditions and the type of operations.”

The deep and wide lugs that are carefully located on the tread ensure that traction is never lost on whatever type of terrain the machine is operating. Let it be soft soil, sand, concrete or hard surface roads, PtxND33 guarantees perfect traction. The wide tread profile provides a balanced feel on every condition and increases the tire’s service life by demonstrating better wear behavior.

Another feature that extends the tire’s lifecycle is the reinforcement on the sidewalls. This feature minimizes downtime and leads to a more efficient use of the user’s precious time by offering maximum resistance against cuts and punctures, some of the possible damages that can occur during long operating hours on harsh terrains.

The steel belts located under the tread not only improve the tire’s durability but also enhance its load capacity. Thus, more of the gravel, debris or whatever is needed to be carried by the loader or excavating buckets can be handled. Besides, the vehicle’s suitability to carry heavier attachments is improved.

The new pattern is introduced in one size for the moment: 460/70R 24, while 7 more sizes are available for PtxND31, another radial industrial traction tire pattern of Petlas, built for the same applications.










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