Petlas aims to contribute to society through producing eco-friendly tires. Petlas is aware its responsibility to guarantee a healthy environment for both today and the future.

Petlas will continue developing, manufacturing and providing products and services to meet customer requirements while operating in an environmentally responsible manner.


Petlas conducts its business in accordance with highest applicable legal and ethical standards. Our all processes have ISO14001 certification that relates to environmental management system standards.

Petlas conducts its business in accordance with highest applicable legal and ethical standards. Our all processes have ISO14001 certification that relates to environmental management system standards.
Petlas takes the following measures to achieve environmental protection and sustainable development:


The success of Petlas depends on its people and their well-being. Petlas provides a friendly, open and supportive workplace and environment where health and safety is assured and privacy is guaranteed.

Our employees participate in our training programs every year. Highly skilled and motivated employees are valuable for PETLAS as they have powerful impact on our quality and success. Keeping them highly motivated at all times is one of our top priorities.

Our cultural diversity creates an environment that promotes innovation, creativity and collaboration. We are working together with individuals of various cultures, religions and ages. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, gender, sexual orientation, age, disability, union membership, ethnicity, religious beliefs or any other factors protected by law.


We focus on how we can constantly make a positive impact on our society. We believe that the whole company has duties towards its environment and professionals. Since we believe that all companies have their role and duty in the community they exist in, we aim to contribute to the improvement of our society as a whole.

Student Experience

We work in close collaboration with local schools and colleges and we support the students.

Fighting Poverty

As a part of our fight against poverty, we help families provide decent housing for themselves..

Assisting the Disabled

We support activities to encourage the integration of disabled people in both professional and social life.

Social Awareness

We get involved and support social responsibility projects for the society.


As Petlas we respect human rights and we always comply with the UN Human Rights Universal Declaration which requires each individual, every organ of society including economic agents and businesses to contribute towards the fulfillment of these rights.

Our employment and labor practices are in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations. In all business processes Petlas stays at an equal distance to people from each and every fractions of society without having discrimination on a basis of gender, age, race, religion, language, ethnic origin, sexual preference, belief, marital, social or economic status, disability, pregnancy or military service status. In addition to these, child labor has never been and will never be allowed.

As a global member in tire business Petlas has a mission to monitor, protect and promote human rights. Petlas follows its own human rights management system within a framework relevant international regulations and global principles by implementing action plans to build efficient and effective human rights mechanisms within the organization.


Petlas utilizes the latest technology to minimize possible negative impacts of its products to the environment because Petlas considers itself responsible for the entire lifecycle of the tires. To guarantee that highest standards are assured for each product that comes out of the production line, we:

  • Use the right instruments and materials at manufacturing processes,
  • Comply with the domestic or international laws and regulations,
  • Execute internal audits and are subject to external audits,
  • Prepare customer satisfaction surveys to receive feedbacks from dealers and end users.