SC710 is developed to withstand the challenging conditions of construction sites and off-road use, while simultaneously provide perfect highway performance with extended mileage and improved fuel efficiency features.

Strong circumferential ribs provide maximum resistance against cuts and chips.
Wide channels located on the shoulders improve traction on harsh working conditions including muddy roads.
Zigzag block structure ensures perfect grip and safe braking performance.
Stone ejectors located on groove bases avoid pebble penetration and saves the carcass.
Optimized tread profile evenly distributes weight on the footprint to guarantee long service life by avoiding irregular wear.
Special tread compound provides durability for off-road operations and offers comfort and low rolling resistance for highway use.
Three channels with wide angles enhance traction on challenging road by effectively discharging water and mud.
Steel belted carcass is strong enough to be retreaded several times to multiply the tire’s service life.